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Box of Things

In this project I experimented with a way to represent moving landscape while distributing video and prints in a single package. The project consists of an edition of 4 risograph prints created from stills of the four accompanying video loops that are included in a QuickTime format on an SD card. The components are contained in a handmade sleeve and an engraved piece of balsa wood that serves as a table of contents and holds the SD card.

As a typographer interested in visual representation of language, this work explores the absences and erasures of the landscape. This work places a human absence in the context of the geological timescale of water, strata of rocks, lichen and ferns found in the Shawangunk Ridge in the Hudson River Valley area of New York State. In this project I documented the details of the varied landscape, seeking out absences that exist in-between languages and assignment of meaning. The videos in the project are slowed down and altered to loop infinitely, distorting the time, bringing it closer to the timescale of the strata of rocks, lichen and ferns found where the footage was shot.

I consider this work an act of reading and translation. Despite our lack of ability to assign precise meaning to this way of reading, the work is transformed into a practice of witnessing—a respectful acknowledgment of the importance of the other. It argues for the understanding of the other that is not limited to biological or organic matter, engendering a more inclusive way of reading and relating to the natural world. DT. 

1- color riso prints, videos, box.

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