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Reflection and Prayer: Memory of Sojourner Truth

A publication documenting the site where Sojourner Truth, a prolific abolitionist who was enslaved in 19th-century New Paltz would go to reflect on her life and pray. it consists of:
1) An 18x24” fold-out poster.
2) A short piece of writing about getting to the marker.
3) A printed piece that directs viewers to the reflectionandprayer.com website that hosts two looping videos shot at the site.
Reflection and Prayer is not a proposal for a design of a better historical marker or a new memorial, but rather an essayistic work that seeks to insert itself in the blank space created by the passing of time, erasure and forgetting. I want it to act not as an act of erasure, but an acknowledgement and questioning of the vast weighted silence that exists around representation of personal and national tragedy. And if as Julia Bryan Wilson asserts in her essay on “Building a Marker of Nuclear Warning” memory needs a specific address to stick in the annals of collective history to combat the constant incessant erosion; I hope the various parts of Reflection and Prayer contribute to the array of addresses for memory of Sojourner Truth to stick to. DT.

Poster,  broadsheet, website.
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